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After so many days of confinement, it is possible that the sleep of the little ones has been affected in one way or another. It is normal, the situation has changed and they also notice it: they wake up more at night, it is more difficult for them to take naps and bedtime begins to be a moment of tension. It is possible that your little one did not sleep completely well before this situation and that, now, it has worsened. Whatever your case, there are certain things you can do to help you have a more restful sleep and take advantage of it to introduce healthy sleep habits.

  • How does this situation alter the rest of the little ones?

  • Understanding your little one's sleep needs

  • What does it mean to sleep badly?

  • Tips to apply at home



(up to 3 years)

Live workshop

There are many families who are observing alterations in the sleep and rest of their babies, if it happens to you or you are simply curious  this workshop live  you are interested

Amelia Hunter.jpeg



Certified and expert sleep consultant

in a child's dream.

She has more than 5 years of experience helping and guiding families to establish healthy habits that give their children the ability to fall asleep on their own naturally, sleep without interruptions and have a restful sleep. She works with each family to identify the cause of the problems in each case and thus be able to create a personalized plan to meet the sleep needs of each baby and child.


Today, Amelia has already helped more than 900 families around the world and has a team of health-trained child sleep specialists.


He specialized in infant sleep through the Sleep Consultant Certification Program in Florida (United States) and has training in Mental Health from the Children's Sleep Institute and the Department of Psychology at Children's Hospital of Toronto, Canada. In addition, she is a Pediatric Assistant for ISED.

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18:00 H


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